In addition to the PopCrush video of the best singer in the world (yet to be aknowledged), we made a compilation of other live clips from the Australian singer Sia Furler. The clips are: – Clap your hands (Aria Awards, Sydney, Australia, 2010) – Soon we’ll be found (David Letterman Show, 2008) – Titanium (The […]

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Before she could have a career unlike any other pop star, she had to learn how to live Sia Furler is looking for love. This being 2018, that means using apps like Tinder and Bumble. She doesn’t use her real name, but she does post real photos of herself on the apps. Not that anyone […]

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Grab a snack and chew on today’s lessons from a woman who went from starting her career as a singer in a local acid jazz band and having her boyfriend die in a car accident, to having a mainstream career with 9 Grammy nominations and multiple number one songs. She’s Sia and here’s my take […]

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How come Sia’s music can make you feel so sad? Is it her voice, are it her compositions? See this great analyses on several Sia songs, by Holistic Songwriting.

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