About Sia

Sia’s early life
On the 18th of december in 1975 in Adelaide (Australia), Sia (Kate Isobelle) Furler was born. Her parents are Phil Colson (a musician) and Loene Furler (an art lecturer). As a child Sia was always musically inspired and copied famous singers and celebrities, before she joined an acid jazz group in the mid-1990s called Crisp. She cooperated on two albums: one called “Word and the deal” and the other called “Delirium“. Around the same time she released her first solo album called OnlySee. She moved to Great Britain to find a better platform to continue her career.

Sia’s Career
Sia’s life was a bumpy road, and her life wasn’t as stable as she wanted it to be. Sia engaged to a Sony subrecordlabel called DancePool in the year 2000, where she released her album ‘Healing is difficult‘. The songs ‘Drink to get drunk‘ and ‘Little man‘ (especially the remix version) were succesful clubhits. In her song ‘Taken for ‘granted‘ a sample of the classic ‘Dance of the Knights’ (by Prokofiev) was used. You might recognize this sample from the The Apprentice series on BBC. After a fall out with her recordlabel , she joined “Go! Beat Records”, which was a sublabel of UMG. The song “Don’t bring me down” was released and used for a French movie called “36 Quai des Orfèvres“, released in 2003.

Sia’s third album called “Colour the small one” was released, and it got good critics among her audience. Her career started to get more attention after the TV show “Six Feet Under” used her song “Breathe me“. After this success, her album “Lady croissant” was released, which was followed by the EP “Day too soon“, which contained the songs “The girl you lost to cocaine” and “Buttons“. Her following album, ‘Some people have real problems‘, got even more airplay and attention, and her career improving more and more. She made tv appearances on the famous tv shows of Conan O’Brien and Jimmy Kimmel, and started to cooperate with artists like Christina Aguilera. The song “Bound to you” was enlisted for the Golden Globe Award for the best original song in 2010. Her fifth album, “We Are Born” really took off, and delivered her a big and steady fanbase. It was released in 2010. The year were she also had to confonted her with Graves’ disease. Nevertheless, she released a ‘Best of’ album in Australia, the song “Kill and run” for the Great Gatsby soundtrack, the “1000 Forms of Fear” album, “Elastic heart” for “The Hunger Games” movie, etcetera. Next to her own releases, Sia is asked many times as a guest vocalist and a songwriter. Or better said: hitmaker. She wrote many big hits for as many big artists, like Rihanna and Beyoncé.

Sia as a person, who is shy and has a withdrawn personality, struggled with her public appearances. She spent some years out of the spotlight, and became a songwriter for artists as Madonna, Britney Spears, Celine Dion and as mentioned, Beyoncé and Rihanna. She even wrote the huge hit ‘Diamonds‘ for Rihanna. She picked up the cooperation with producer Greg Kurstin for her new album in 2013.

Scared of an other breakdown, she agreed with her recordlabel RCA, that she wouldn’t have to do a tour or do interviews with the press. Her first promotion appearance to promote her newest release “1000 Forms of Fear“, was on the Ellen Degeneres show. She performed “Chandelier” with her back to the audience. This album was released in the summer of 2014, and became a huge selling album in many different counties, including the United States and her origin homecountry Australia. Her hit “Chandelier” scored different nominations and prizes at the 72th Golden Globe Awards: song of the year, best pop solo performance and best music video. Sia started to work on the follow-up album “This is acting” early 2015, from which the hits “Alive” (co written with Adele) and “Bird set free” came.

Sia is scoring hit after hit for herself, and for other albums. Sia is an unstoppable train, and is highly recognized and loved for her character and song writing skills. Who could have thought that, when you see and hear here earlier performances and interviews. We are happy to have Sia in our lives, and she gives hopes, strength and happyness with her great songs. Sia, we are happy to see ya.