For many years we can enjoy Sia’s music on Spotify.
Check this link (opens external page) for her Spotify artistpage.

Some Spotify facts (date: April, 2020)

  • Sia has 30 million monthly listeners
  • She has more than 16 million followers
  • She is the 4th most streamed female artist on Spotify (after Ariana Grande, Rihanna and Taylor Swift)
  • Most listeners come from Mexico, Indonesia, Brasil, Chili and Australia

Interesting Sia Spotify-playlists for every kind of mood!

  • Soundtrack songs: click here (20 songs, 1 hour 14 minutes)
  • Emotional songs: click here (25 songs, 1 hour 44 minutes)
  • Up-tempo songs (for sporting, for example): click here (24 songs, 1 hour 24 minutes)
  • Some great piano-only versions of Sia songs: click here (44 songs, 2 hours 41 minutes)

Sia with and for other artists
Check this page on our website, for more information on collaborations by Sia with and for other artists.

If you want to check a playlist with a selection of our personal favourites, then click here for this Spotify playlist.