For the movie Waffles and Mochi (see trailer below), Sia released a new song called “I am a fruit”. Check it out here! Check out the movie’s trailer:

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Enjoy Sia’s latest collaboration with DJ David Guetta! (lyrics below the video) You made it through another day You made it through another day You did it, let’s celebrate Some days you feel you’ll break, But you made it through another day Yeah, you did it, let’s celebrate 24/7 and 365 You made another day, […]

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As Christmas nears closer and closer, TikTok is getting into the spirit in the form of the latest trend to sweep the app. Everyone loves Christmas music, right? So it’s no surprise that this challenge celebrates it.The Snowman Challenge sees TikTok users attempting to sing a verse from Sia’s Snowman in one breath. It might […]

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Singer-songwriter Sia talks to Louis Theroux about being catapulted to superstardom, the Aussie drinking holes of West London and her lockdown addiction to reality TV.

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This is an unbelievable great version of Let’s Love: violins, piano and Sia’s voice. No drums or bass! I dedicate this song and it’s lyrics to S.W. She will never see this text, but I hope see feels the energy, vibe and love I sent her. She will always have a special spot in my […]

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When David Guetta wins in the category “Best Electronic” on the MTV EMA 2020, with “Lets Love”, then Sia has won a bit, too 😉 Not Sia singing unfortunately, so this singer has big big shoes to fill….

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“I heard this song some times, and as most Sia songs are in the same (ish) key, I could easily grab my electric guitar and play along. Ofcourse its not faultless; maybe I’ll practice more and record it again later this week…”

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