Non-album / movie songs

There are a lot of songs, that are not released on a official Sia album. Some are soundtracks, some are releases for other purposes, etcetera. We have collected some of our favourite songs on this page, in alphabetical order:

Song nameYouTube
Angel by the wings
Beautiful pain (with Eminem)
Courage to change
Deja vu (with Giorgio Moroder)
Dusk till dawn (with Zayn)
Flames (with David Guetta)
Floating Through Space
Free me
Guts over fear (with Eminem)
Helium (with David Guetta and Afrojack)
Here I am (with Dolly Parton)
I'm still here
Je te pardonne (with Maitre Gims)
Let's love
Let's love (acoustic)
Light headed (with David Guetta)
My love
Never give up
Salted Wound
Saved my life
Suitcase (Nothing to say)

Do you have the feeling, we miss some important songs: please feel free to contact us!