About us

Sia has her own official website, which you can find here, but the information is rather minimal, so we thought it was a good idea to make a Sia dedicated website, containing the latest news, her music, her videos, social media and other official sources, which we all gather in this website. We try to stay away from gossip(related) content as much as possible: we respect Sia as an artist and person.

The founder of this website is Chris, living in The Netherlands and born in 1975, just like Sia 😉 Together with some other Sia fans, we take care of the content of this website. Feel free to contact, if you have comments, suggestions, feedback, complaints, etcetera.

“Something suddenly struck me”
I was always into guitar-related music. When I was 10 years old, I saw a live performance of the late and great Gary Moore. I started to play electric guitar, and found a musical journey throughout all kinds of guitar-related music: from gipsy jazz to blues, rock and metal. I was (and still am) a big fan of Gary Moore, Guns n’ Roses, Pink Floyd (the David Gilmour era) and Megadeth (the Marty Friedman era). But, how did I come from this kind of music to Sia? While I was still working for a media agency in 2009 (before I started my own business in 2010), I remember a lot of airplay of “Clap Your Hands” by Sia on the radio. I thought it was a funny song, with some nice basslines and great voicing in the end, but nothing too much more than a poppy song like there were many others.

Office wall @ admins place

I think this was my first encounter with Sia. Many years later, again on the radio, there was a lot of airplay here with “The Greatest”. I thought her voice and composition were something else than other poppy stars, so I dove into her biography online a bit more. On YouTube and Spotify. Don’t know what exactly happened, but when I ran into the Lady Croissant album, I was completely turned on/around. This was my muse! What a voice, what emotion, what melodies! I loved it. Also the “Some people have real problems” album is still great, and I listen to it very often. Her older work is great: the “Colour the small one” album contain some real diamonds of songs. For a couple of years now, I really dig into all kinds of Sia music, and even promote the Everyday is Christmas album to everyone, as the new best thing on Christmas music! Sia sometimes even surprises me, with undiscovered songs like the voicing on Battlecry or the Suitcase song which we discovered by coincendence while looking at the movie: “Huh? this is Sia! Never heard of the release of this song?”

Sia has something different. Her voice, compositions, melodylines, lyrics: I really think she will be recognized as (one of) the best female artist ever within some years. She’s still profiling. We all hope she will be making music for many years. My life would be complete to visit a live concert someday 😉

Cheers, Chris

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