Sia surprises Walmart shoppers by paying for their groceries

A few Walmart shoppers were treated to a double surprise when their groceries were paid for by a friendly stranger, who just so happened to be an award-winning pop singer.
The catch is that most of the shoppers didn’t even realize they were meeting a celebrity.
Pop singer, Sia, dressed down and went incognito at a Palm Springs Walmart where she paid for several shopper’s items.

KESQ reports that on Wednesday afternoon, the singer went from register to register, asking to pay for people’s items.
When customers asked her who she was, Sia simply said, “Cici” and launched into a little white lie about how she’d won the lottery.
Thanks to the fact that Sia is known for wearing a face-covering wig, without her usual getup, the singer was able to stick to her cover story without being identified for quite some time.